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Soft Amaretti, Artemisia (250gr)

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Why we love it

Artisan soft amaretti with almonds, handmade one by one. Three simple but essential ingredients: almonds, sugar and whipped egg white. handmade and individually wrapped to best preserve their fragrance. Delicious

Almonds, sugar, egg white, natural flavouring

The artisan who made it

Artemisia, founded in 1998, embodies a profound family narrative rooted in the heart of L’Aquila. It is the tale of two brothers whose ardour and affection for their hometown intertwine seamlessly with the essence of Artemisia, creating an indelible bond between the two.

With its origins deeply entrenched in the past, Artemisia maintains an unwavering gaze towards the future. It is a culmination of ancient Abruzzo recipes, reimagined through a contemporary lens, made possible by meticulous ingredient selection and expert craftsmanship.

At Artemisia, quality and environmental stewardship are not merely principles; they are fundamental pillars guiding every aspect of the brand. This commitment extends beyond the culinary specialties to encompass conscientious packaging practices, with a dedicated focus on the sustainability of materials employed.

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