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  • Wine vs man
    If i need to recap the fair in one sentence, then I would say “wine vs man”, as the title anticipate. Men, wine makers, are trying to change the nature of their wines.... (Continue reading)

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About is the Italian wine and food specialist made by small and passionate producers. We are a bunch of passionate people who love what we do; everything started when I had my first sip of wine sitting on my granddad knees, he was so proud of his wine that wanted to share this moment with his 2 year old grandchild, what a moment for both of us.

We believe that some of the best Italian wines and food are made by small producers and not companies, “vignaioli” and “artigiani”, people who are passionate about what they do, where the whole family is directly involved and is following the family tradition, they are at the 3rd, 4th or even more, generation, and they know everything there is to know; they are so proud of their wines and food that name them after their son or daughter, granddad or father. These are the people behind our fantastic products.

At we want you to taste and experience only the most authentic Italian food and wine, the food and wine that Italians drink and eat every day, you have my word.

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