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Did you know that “Prosecco gets its sparkles from injecting CO2”?

October 28, 2023 Tags: 0 comments
I did not and it is not the case, prosecco is made following the Charmat or Martinotti method, where the second fermentation takes place in the tank, however, this was what I read on an award winning wine merchant website.

We recently added a new product, a fantastic sparkling wine from the Alta Langa DOCG appellation, if you did not know Alta Langa is another Italian classic method sparkling wine from Piedmont, and I was looking to see whether the appellation and wine were known in the UK - I don’t think I ever come across one - so I searched for it on google and found very little, only a few articles on why the wine deserves to be taken seriously, including one from Decanter.

As we all know and have experienced, as soon as we search for something on google or any other search engine, suddenly we start seeing plenty of adverts on our feeds showing us the product or feature we searched for.

A few days later I was shown, unexpectedly, an image of a Alta Langa wine from a UK based merchant so I clicked. On the first paragraph, the description said that “prosecco gets its sparkles from injecting CO2” and Alta Langa was “made the proper way”. Classic method are better than Charmat wines, at least in theory, but Prosecco is not made by injecting CO2 in the bottle and there isn’t a proper way to make sparkling wine, they are just two different processes producing different wines.

The information is totally wrong and deceiving and the differences between the sparkling wine methods is included - I never read it but I am certain - in the wine for dummies book and it is not the sort of wrong information you expect to find on a wine merchant website, it is just too wrong. The wine merchant, that also sell Prosecco, is, according to their website, a Decanter and an International Wine Challenge award winning wine retailer. I am not sharing the wine merchant name because this is not the point.

For the following days I kept thinking about it and reached the following conclusions. As you probably already know, at we don’t enter competitions or awards, we only did a couple of times initially, until we understood how they work and seeing that, it made me very proud of our choice. We go on our own way and believe we are doing good for Italian wine and wine in general and the saving we make from not entering competitions and awards are passed to our customers.

Second, nowadays, unfortunately, anyone can sell wine, online or not. I believe this is possible because there is still little knowledge about wine. Third, no matter the effort, the hard work, it can feels defeating. If you are a wine merchant that knows wine and your wines as we are, that goes out and search for gems from unknown small, independent, Italian producers, that try to educate wine drinkers, sometimes it feels like a David vs Goliath fight but we are not giving up.. yet.
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