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Tiramisu' Classico al caffe


(6 portions)

3 fresh eggs, possibly organic free range
3 tbsp sugar
250gr Mascarpone
400gr Savoiardi (ladyfingers)
4 cups of Coffee or Coffee Liqueur
Cocoa powder

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Tiramisu is a classic, world wide known Italian dessert, made with Savoiardi biscuits, also known as lady fingers, dipped in coffee layered with a cream made with eggs and mascarpone cheese. There are plenty of variations, you will find some here as well, and its origins are often disputed among Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, each region affirming to be the place where the dessert was first invented


Divide the eggs by putting the whites in one bowl and the reds in another. Whip the whites in firm snow and set aside.
Add the three tablespoons of sugar to the reds, and with the beater mix the mixture for a few minutes. Add the mascarpone and continue stirring. The mixture must be very creamy.
At this point prepare the coffee, 4 espresso diluted in warm water, it is important that the water is not too hot or too cold, too hot water and the Savoiardi will be too wet, too cold, not wet enough. You can add sugar to the coffee if you like, we suggest not to. At this stage, you can also add Sambuca or Marsala if you like a tiramisu with a kick.
Once the coffee is ready, put it in a large bowl, where the savoiardi can be soaked in.
Finish preparing the cream by adding to the mixture the whites previously whipped.
Combine the two compounds very gently, stirring from the bottom up, remembering to add the whipped whites to the mixture and not the other way around, to prevent the cream from remaining too liquid.
Once the cream is prepared it is time to compose the Tiramisu.
Choose a deep container or individual portions can be made using glasses.
Pour the cream at the base of the container or glass and spread as to make a thin layer.
Take the first savoiardo and soak it very quickly in the coffee, just a few seconds both sides so that the cookies do not get too wet and spoil the whole Tiramisu.
Place the lightly soaked savoiardo in the container or glass and continue until another layer is done.
Once the layer of Savoiardi is done, cover them with more cream and make another layer of Savoiardi.
Pour the remaining cream over the second layer of savoiardi and put the tiramisu in the fridge for at least three hours before serving it.
Dust the tiramisu with the cocoa powder before serving.

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The suggested drink to enjoy with a spoon of Tiramisu Classico al caffe is the Coffee liqueur

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