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Pasta al Pesto

Pasta al Pesto


(4 portions)

400 gr of Pasta,
Extra virgin olive oil,
2 ts per person of Pesto,
Grated cheese,

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Pasta al pesto is too often seen a "second class" option mainly because of its easy and quick recipe, however, when the pesto is properly made using quality ingredients can be a very tasty easy to make recipe. Not only, the pesto can be seen as a white canvas, the base ingredient to create exciting dishes, not just pasta


Start with boiling the water for the pasta.

In a bowl, add two teaspoon of pesto for each portion and two spoon of water from the pasta and stir with a spoon until the pesto dissolves. Add some extra virgin olive oil and put aside.
Meanwhile, when the water boils add some rock salt and the pasta. Follow the cooking time on the bag but a minute before the pasta is ready, taste it and when is about a minute away from being al dente, drain the water and put it back in the saucepan. Pour the bowl with the pesto in and stir adding plenty of grated cheese.

Plate the pasta adding more cheese on top. Delicious

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