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Panettone Ripieno

Panettone Ripieno


A 1 lb. Panettone
For the zabaione:
Yolks of 4 extra-large eggs
5 tbsp. granulated sugar
Pinch saffron
1 1/4 cups dry white wine
1 tsp. orange extract
1 envelope (1 tbsp.) unflavored gelatin
1 cup heavy cream
1 tbsp. confectioners sugar
Zest of a large orange


Slice off the top of the Panettone, about one inch down. Using a sharp knife, hollow out the Panettone, leaving a layer about 1/2 inch thick on the sides and bottom.
Meanwhile, prepare the zabaione, using the egg yolks, granulated sugar, saffron, 3/4 cup wine and the orange extract. Sprinkle the gelatin over the remaining 1/2 cup wine. As you cook the zabaione in a double boiler, add the softened gelatin and the wine and stir well. Transfer the zabaione to a crockery or glass bowl and allow it to cool. Refrigerate until quite firm (about one hour).
Using a chilled metal bowl and wire whisk, whip the cream along with the confectioners sugar, then add the cooled zabaione. Whip again to produce crema zabaione. Pour the crema zabaione into the Panettone container. Put the lid back on the top, completely wrap the stuffed Panettone with aluminum foil and refrigerate overnight.
The following day, cut the Panettone in half vertically and each half into four wedges. Serve immediately with orange zest sprinkled over.

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