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Vegan Panettone Limoncello, Pasticceria Castello (1000gr)

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Why we love it

These beautifully handwrapped artisan vegan Panettone come from a small town in Campania and are made using mother yeast and slowly risen for 48 hours, these Panettone are light, soft, moist, and this vegan Limoncello Panettone is filled and covered with limoncello cream, 100% natural. The butter is replaced with a vegetal product but the Panettone still maintain its softness and delicate flavour and the limoncello cream is made using Sorrento IGP lemon. Simply delicious.

Christmas is almost upon us one of the reasons we love Christmas is because we can finally eat Panettone, the Italian Christmas cake and our vegan Panettone are really artisan, made in very small quantity by the pastry chef himself, Angelantonio, and made to order in a small laboratory, our panettone are not industrially made.

Angelantonio’s vegan Panettone will be with us at the beginning/middle of October and because they are lovingly handmade, very limited and produced to order, if you would like to be certain to taste a delicious, artisan vegan Limoncello Panettone or looking for a unique Christmas present this year, Angelantonio’s Panettone can be pre ordered and will be delivered as soon as we get them, as fresh as it can be.

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The artisan who made it

Pasticceria Castello is a dream come true, is Angelantonio dream, the dream he always had, open his own “pasticceria” in his town, in Campania.

After years spent studying and working in some of the best pasticcerie all over Italy, in 2013 he finally opened his own, a dream came true. he wanted to come back where he was born and his family and friends were, He was returning where it all started. And Castello, his town, also gives the name to his pasticceria.

Six years have passed since that day, and not only his passion has never faded, it only got bigger, he kept studying and working hard to create delicious pastries and cakes using only the best, local ingredients and his artisan production includes Panettone.

Angelantonio is a true artisan, all its desserts and cakes are lovingly handmade by him and his small team in the laboratory that is also open as “pasticceria”, Italian for pastry shop. All Angelantonio’s production is very limited and this year we have managed to get some of his famous Panettone and Vegan Panettone.

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