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Italian wine and grape guide : Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

The Sauvignon together with the Chardonnay is the most famous and widespread white grape in the world and produce some of the most famous white wines. The Sauvignon is a grape of French origin, precisely the Bordeaux area and in particular the Sauterne region, where together with the Semillon and the Muscadel, produces the famous wine and its name derives from "sauvage" (wild in french). The Sauvignon has at least two varieties, the Sauvignon small and yellow and the Sauvignon big and green and it is a semi-aromatic variety that can be immediately recognised thanks to its characteristics nose of gooseberry amongst the others. In Italy the best Sauvignons are produced in Friuli and Alto Adige, almost all aged in steel with a very few exceptions.

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