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Soft Amaretti with nuts,Eugenia (200gr)

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Why we love it

Delicious artisanally made soft amaretti biscuits with nuts (hazelnuts, figs and walnuts, pistachio) and gluten free.

Made from a small, family owned, "pasticceria", pastry shop, located in Piedmont, specialised in gluten free biscuits and chocolate, these gluten free soft amaretti biscuits are made using only natural ingredients and following the authentic recipe that uses almonds and apricot kernels instead of industrial extracts with real nuts instead of aromas. The result is soft amaretti biscuits that are good for everyone, not just for gluten intolerant.

Gluten free, artisan and 100% natural

The artisan who made it

Pasticceria Eugenia is an artisan patisserie, pastry shop specialised in gluten free products in the heart of Piedmon, in the Monferrato area.

It all started in 1986 when in the small shop, the owner and pastry chef, Eugenia, invented the soft Amaretti with fruit. From the very beginning, due to her being gluten intolerant, she decided to produce great pastries suited for gluten intolerant, she wanted everyone to enjoy a great pastry.

More than 30 years later, with the new generation, nothing has changed. Same recipes, still using only the best locally sourced ingredients, no additives or preservatives, 100% natural, gluten intolerant and not, can enjoy delicious artisan pastries and chocolate

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