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Grana Bella Lodi Gold Riserva, Bella Lodi (200gr)

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Why we love it

An amazing cheese, only the best cheeses are chosen based on their consistency, flavour and taste, characteristics reached after ageing for over 24 months. This is a cheese for real cheese lovers and it best eaten on its own with a glass of aged red wine or used in special dishes.

Aged, drier, crumbly and granular, with a stronger and yet subtle flavour, rich, complex

The artisan who made it

Pozzali Lodigrana story starts in Lodi in 1947 is an unusual one. It all starts in a university classroom, where three young undergraduates in their final year at the University of Milan decided to become cheesemakers.

Using their father's farm, they built their first dairy and started to transform theirs and the surrounding farms’ milk into cheese. The rest is history.

Now, called Bella Lodi, it is an award winning cheese maker focused in transforming only Italian milk into high quality cheeses respecting the environment, their dairy has been designed to reduce their environmental impact to zero. The idea was an instant success.

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