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Leccino EVO, Oleificio Berardo (50ml)

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Delicate Oil is the monocultivar, single varietal, range of the Frantoio Berardo. This extra virgin olive oil is obtained from olives of the Leccino variety grown in the Abruzzo hills.

A yellow - green with golden reflections extra virgin olive oil, this is a delicate, lightly fruity olive oil, with almonds notes. This is an extra virgin olive oil to pair with soups, bruschetta and vegetables, excellent with grilled meat and fish

The artisan who made it

Oleificio Berardo is the result of decades of growing olives in the uncontaminated land surrounding the town of Gissi, Abruzzo, a region considered the green region of Italy and producing an outstanding extra virgin olive oil from a top of the range mill.

Gissi is a town located at approximately 500ml above sea level, so, the microclimate and the land surrounding it provide an ideal environment for olive growing and nowadays, extra virgin oil from Abruzzo is recognized and appreciated all over the world, thanks to its characteristics, from lightness to a medium fruity intensity.

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