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I had my first sip of wine when I was 2, I can still recall that moment like it was yesterday. Sitting on my grandpa knees, sipping the wine he had produced from his glass. For him was one of the best moment of his life, share with his eldest grandson, the result of one year of hard work in the vineyard, for me was the moment where my passion for good Italian wine was born.

My job, often my friends laugh at me when I call it this way, is about tasting plenty of wines, long, hard tasting session and discover new gems and wine makers to work with and unfortunately, a downside of the job, is that you can’t drink a wine without tasting it and give your professional opinion or have your friends asking you to pick the wine when eating out....

In my blog I will write about my adventures whilst discovering the finest itailian wine and bring you the latest news from the world of wine and more specifically, Italian wine.

I will also like to hear what you have to say so please share your views & comments.
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