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Corporate Hampers and Wine Tasting Events

September 14, 2020 Tags: 0 comments
Whether we like it or not, Christmas is in our mind already, and Christmas bring corporate hampers and wine tasting events. Christmas is possibly the busiest holiday for us and until last year, we would start receiving orders and enquiries for corporate hampers and wine tasting events later in the year, normally late October, however, this year our inbox has already started to fill up with requests for corporate hampers and we booked the first corporate wine tasting events with our first one only a few days away.

In a time where meeting people is considering “risky” and we are being told to stay in our bubble, corporate hampers and wine tasting events are seen as the safe option. Corporate hampers are the perfect solution for big companies, for companies with dozens or hundreds of employees. A safe alternative to the “old”, this year impossible staff night out, the company Christmas party. Corporate wine tastings on the other side, are the perfect Christmas sendoff for smaller companies, to celebrate the holidays without getting out of the bubble and keeping all employees safe.

Our corporate hampers come in a hand wrapped basket and are a very appreciated gift full of the highest quality Italian products, artisan food and award winning wines and are bespoke to fit your budget or content preference, to produce a memorable gift that will last several days.

Our wine tasting events, we work with several venues in the north of England - but for companies with a meeting room we can host a wine tasting event in your premise - are bespoke to fit your budget and suit your preferences, from buffet to sat meal, and can be organized all year, not only at Christmas, whether as a team exercise or to entertain clients.

For more information on creating your own bespoke corporate hamper or wine tasting event, email us at [email protected] or fill the form.
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