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Bardolino Superiore, Le Tende (75cl)

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Vegan Organic

Why we love it

The Bardolino wine, to be allowed to use the "superiore" word on the label, according to the "disciplinare", the regulation, must have a 0.5% more alcohol content than the normal Bardolino. Unfortunately, the whole wine system is outdated, it was written when Italian wines were still low in alcohol, when it was still possible to find red wine with a 11% abv, to indicate that a better quality grapes were selected, the better and riper the grapes, the more sugar and therefore alcohol content, and certainly did not account for the effects of climate change. Nowadays, the difference is in the wine making process and the quality of the grapes more than the alcohol content.

This Bardolino Superiore, made from organically grown selected and handpicked grapes grown in the heart of the "classico" area, has a complex nose, with hints of vanilla due to the wood ageing and plenty of red fruit typical of the wine. On the palate is full, smooth, elegant, fruity, structured and with a long finish. Suitable for vegans. This Bardolino Superiore is perfect with stews or rich dishes or to accompany semi mature cheeses.

The artisan who made it

Le Tende is a family run winery located on the Lake Garda, between Colà di Lazise and Cavaion Veronese, on a land that is blessed with a mild climate that has always been particularly suited for the production of great wines. The Le Tende is also a small olive orchard from which they produce an olive oil which is manly used by the family and a small percentage given to selected importers like us. Le Tende winery follows organic and natural farming and it has been the case from the beginning, they firmly believe in protecting and respecting the environment.

Le Tende vineyards are located in the heart of the Bardolino Classico and Custoza areas, with the most northern vineyards in the Custoza appellation where the particular soil with sandy and strongly calcareous texture gives the wine a particular aromaticity and minerality.

Le Tende winery grows the local native grapes with the addition of the international cabernet sauvignon that has found a home on the lake shore.

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