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Barbera d'Alba Cru "Bric dei pittatori", Collina San Ponzio (75cl)

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Why we love it

This is a different Barbera d’Alba, this is a barbera where we can clearly see the “terroir” element. Terroir is not only relevant for important wines, even in a Barbera d’Alba can and makes a difference.

The cru here is identified by the word “bric”, that in local dialect indicates a hill top, and the name of the hill, “dei pittatori” and the barbera grapes used in the making of this wine come from a single vineyard.

This Barbera d’Alba is partially aged in barrels and whilst still maintain the grape’s characteristics such as acidity and fruit, the cru and the wood ageing give the wine an elegance that it is rarely found in a Barbera d’Alba. A great wine.

The artisan who made it

Collina San Ponzio started a century ago, they had until Pietro Balocco, the third generation, took over, been selling their own wine and grape to some of the best Piedmont producers. Only with Pietro and now Federico is son, a very young and talented wine maker, have decided to bottle their own wines and are creating some of the most interesting Piedmont wines, clean, with a classic approach.

Their production is very limited, but their vineyards are scattered in some of the most vocated area, a lot of work for them, but great wines for us to enjoy. Their Nebbiolo vineyards used in the making of their Barolos, are located in La Morra, one of the best areas for Barolo. We love their wines and we love them, they are as passionate as we are.

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