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Kuddia del Moro, Abraxas (75cl)

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Why we love it

The grape and wine Nero d’Avola is often associated to one dimension, full body, fruity wines, this one from Pantelleria is very different, I would say completely different.

If you had a Nero d’Avola before, some of the grape characteristics are there, but this is a wine that many dimensions, dimensions that are added by leaving the wine in the glass and breath, open up.

This is a very elegant Nero d'Avola, like an old Sicilian count, with a complex nose, with fruit and spices, with hints of cherries. In the mouth it is warm, smooth, lively, with black fruit flavour and a never ending, slightly mineral, finish. If you close your eyes you will find yourself sat on restaurant terrace in Pantelleria. Outstanding.

The artisan who made it

Located right in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, on the beautiful island of Pantelleria, there is the Abraxas winery. This is a wondrous paradise, surrounded by crystal clear water and green mountains with truly fantastic weather all year round. Pantelleria is best known for its Moscato di Pantelleria, the most famous Italian dessert wine, produced with Zibibbo grapes left drying outside under the Mediterranean sun. This winery was founded in 1999 when Calogero Mannino, a former Minister of Agriculture, fell in love with the island and made the decision to begin his winemaking adventure with the intention of making wines capable of transmitting the magic of Pantelleria.

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