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Italian wine and food
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Grape Guide

The Riesling Italico grape variety, despite its name, is said to be of French origin, and from there has spread in several other countries. There are significant differences between the Rhine Riesling,...(Continue Reading)

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Turin Vermouth, Vermouth, Piedmont
Turin Vermouth, Vermouth, Piedmont

Born in Turin, where the deep historic roots of vermouth originated in 1786, the Turin Vermouth distillery is the only distillery located in the former Italian capital. The current generation, led by t... (Continue Reading)

What are sulphites?
What's the best temperature for serving wine?
What is a organic wine?
Is drinking wine good for you and your health?
How many calories can we find in a glass of wine?
Why is rose wine pink?
How will you know if a wine is corked?
What does "vintage" mean?
Concretely, how do you make wine?!
What does “oaky” mean? What makes a wine “oaky?”
Is it necessary to swirl wine in the glass before you taste it?
How long will a bottle of wine last after being opened?

Get to Know Italy

Trentino Alto Adige
Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino Alto Adige is an Italian region located on the border between Italy and Austria and it is divided into two sub regions, Trentino, where the majority of the population speak Italian and Alto Ad...(Continue Reading)

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