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Apulia, Puglia in Italian, often referred to as the heel of Italy, is a region that has almost everything you could be looking for when on holiday, from sandy beaches to wine and food, from villages and cities to museums.

Apulia is home to a variety of stunning museums such as the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto which was founded in 1887 that has among the exhibits artefacts from the prehistoric times up to the Middle Ages with Greek Taranto displays and whole rooms dedicated to artefacts dating from the Roman times and it is home to thirty fascinating churches and many other interesting structures. Apulia is also opera, with the the divine Politeama Greco Theatre which is one of the oldest theatres in the region.

Apulia is a nature friendly region, with stunning landscapes including the beautiful Gravina of Laterza ravine. But what makes Apulia so unique are its crystal clear sea and lovely beaches with fine golden sand, such as the Capitolo beach which has won several awards for its beautiful nature.

Apulia is also the region where the famous Trulli, a traditional dry stone house with a conical roof, are found, in particular in the town of Alberobello, that has entire areas packed with them. The southern area of this region, known as the Salento peninsula, forms the stiletto on the boot-like shape of Italy, is mainly known for its beaches and clear waters. There are plenty of Apulian food specialties, from olive oil to the Altamura bread, from cheeses, the most famous of them is the burrata, to vegetables.

This region also happens to be well known for the value of its wines, particularly full-bodied reds, with popular names such as Salice Salentino and Primitivo among them. Apulia, once famed for its cheap reds, it has undergone a “rebirth” and quality has become the driving factor. If looking for fruity, red wine for a good price, Apulia is the place. Some of the best values in Italian wine come from this sunny, dry region. Most Puglia wine is red, full-bodied and will pair well with a wide variety of foods.

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