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Raw Arbutus Honey (250gr), Sant'Agata

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Why we love it

A raw Strawberry Tree or arbutus honey, organic certified, harvested in Tuscany.

Arbutus honey is a connoisseur variety, it is known as a gourmet honey, it has a unique taste, where alongside its sweetness, it is quite bitter, like an espresso coffee or dark chocolate, with a delightful aftertaste adding unique flavours.

The Arbutus honey comes from the Arbutus Unedo or Strawberry Tree, due to its fruit that look a little like strawberry and it is a monofloral honey with a dark colour.

Not all honey is created equal. In fact, not all “honey” is even real honey, a number of ingredients are often added to what we buy as “honey”. Raw honey comes straight from the honeycomb, and is honey in its purest form. It is unfiltered, unheated and unpasteurized, processes which can destroy the natural vitamins (high in vitamin C and B vitamins), minerals and enzymes found in honey and to get the maximum benefits from honey, it's important to buy it in its raw organic form.

What makes Arbutus honey so popular and sought after are its health benefits. Arbutus honey has a very high antioxidant content and antioxidants protect our cells from free radical damage and subsequent oxidative stress that can set off disease and premature aging and should be consumed in its natural state, raw, unaltered by heat or refining processes if we want to enjoy all the wonderful health benefits it has to offer.

The artisan who made it

Sant'Agata honey was born out of the passion of Francesco. He set up Sant Agata honey in 2006, the year when he started the beekeeping activity. The honey business was born out of passion for bees and for nature with the aim to produce unique products "as the nature creates" and "as it used to be".

Francesco’s passion for bees began in Greece, during a trip in the Kos Island - "I did not eat honey and i did not know the bees world" says Francesco. In the Kos Island Francesco met a beekeepers family that introduced him to Greek culture and to bees world and he never regretted it.

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