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Grappa Bianca, La Mondianese (1L)

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Why we love it

Grappa is an Italian spirit, strong, brandy-like, drink made from grape pomace distilled typical from the Italian Alps but now being produced all over Italy and based on the pomace used, the grappa takes its aromas and flavours.

Grappa is often associated with a very strong, flavourless, burning, alcoholic spirits, but it could not be furthest from the truth. This fantastic unaged grappa is made with a selection of Piedmont grapes, for purist grappa lover with an intense and enveloping, delicate nose with floral hints, smooth and balanced in the palate, perfect on its own or as an after meal.

Grappa has its own glass, called the Tulip Glass that allow the nose to open.

Discover the real story of the grappa, what it is and how it is made.

The artisan who made it

On the beautiful hills of Montemagno, overlooking Castagnole Monferrato, is located La Mondianese winery which is run by Mirko Meneghello and Stefania Negro. Driven by their passion, they have restored an old farmhouse and created a brand new, modern cellar surrounded by six hectares of vineyards, in the Piedmont hills, in one of the smallest DOC, in the area of the Ruche’. Along with Ruche’, they produce other native Piedmont grape varieties such as Grignolino and Barbera d’Asti.

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