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IOI Gluten Free Beer, Birrificio Gjulia (50cl)

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A gluten free craft ale, a wheat free beer, with all characteristics of a true craft ale, very refreshing and with citrus aromas, with gluten removed due to a special process that allows the gluten to be removed from the cereals without altering the flavours.

For gluten intolerants it is difficult to find a good gluten free craft beer that tastes like proper one, a beer they can enjoy, beer contains gluten that comes from the barley and other cereals used, and many and of the gluten free beers simply replace the cereals with different ingredients, altering the taste of the beer.

This gluten free craft beer takes its name from the local dialect, it is an expression of surprise, surprise after tasting the beer and discover that it tastes exactly like a proper beer.

This gluten free craft ale not only is a fantastic beer to be enjoyed by the gluten intolerant and regular beer drinkers alike, but also a fantastic accompaniment to food.

Italian beer is not Peroni or Moretti, they are not Italian anymore, but a myriad of craft breweries that keep pushing the boundaries of the Italian craft beer movement, read our post about craft beers and craft breweries to learn more about Italian craft beer.

The artisan who made it

Birrificio Gjulia is a craft brewery located in Friuli Venezia Gjulia by brother Marco and Massimo Zorzettig that after having devoted their entire lives to winemaking, they decided it was time to follow their passion, making beer, craft beer and Gjulia Brewery was born. They also decided that they would become one of the first Italian craft brewery “agricola”, farmers, which means that they control the whole process, from barley to beer using the pure water coming out of Monte Mia spring, water is vital for ensuring the quality of beers. All their beers are top fermented, and are bottled without any filtration or pasteurising.

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