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Craft Ale Toz Easy, Birrificio Gjulia (33cl)

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Why we love it

The craft ale Toz Easy is a low alcohol beer very similar to the Toz, just easier to drink, top fermented craft ale. Italian beer is not Peroni or Moretti, they are not Italian anymore, but a myriad of craft breweries that keep pushing the boundaries of Italian beer and beer in general, read our post about craft beers and craft breweries to learn more about Italian beer.

Making top fermented low alcohol beers is not easy, too often the result is poor beers, but you will love this craft ale with its wonderfully spicy taste and subtle hints. In the local dialect toz is a way of calling someone we don’t know, and the person on the scooter on the label was a real person, hence the name and the logo.

Toz easy is a great low alcohol craft ale, light, refreshing, perfect with spicy food, discover Italian beer at its best.

The artisan who made it

Italian beer is made of plenty of Italian craft brewery, Peroni and Moretti are not, despite what everyone think, Italian beers, the only thing Italian is their name but luckily for beer lover things have changed, read here for an honest view on Italian craft beer and Birrificio Gjulia is one of the first craft brewery and certainly the first Italian craft brewery “Agricola”, farm, which means that they control the whole process, from barley to beer using the pure water coming out of Monte Mia springs, water that is vital for ensuring the quality of the beer.

Birrificio Gjulia is located in Friuli Venezia Gjulia and has been created by brothers Marco and Massimo Zorzettig, that after having devoted their entire lives to winemaking, they decided it was time to follow their passion, making beer, a real italian beer. All their beers are top fermented and are bottled without any filtration or pasteurising and include several craft ales, from low alcohol to more complex to organic beers.

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