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Italian wine and grape guide : Cornalin d'Aoste

Cornalin d'Aoste

The Cornalin grape, considered native of Aosta Valley but apparently imported from Burgundy, was introduced towards the end of ' 700 and until the first half of the '800 was one of the most common grape in the region . In the recent past, many native grapes not widely grown (including Cornalin) have started to disappear and in the late 80s the Cornalin left was only the one produced from a bunch of very old vineyards until the end of the 80s when the Institut Agricole Régional of Aosta started to promote and encourage the growth of the Cornalin grape again and now, thanks to a few forward thinking winemakers, it is back and is an integral part of the Aosta Valley wine heritage .

Producers growing the grape

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