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Pandoro 1Kg, Boella (1000gr)

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Why we love it

A beautifully, hand wrapped artisan Pandoro, 100% natural, soft and rich in butter, this is what Pandoro should be.

The Pandoro comes with icing sugar to be emptied in the bag containing the cake and then shaked or can be eaten with some chocolate spread, a joy for children and grown ups.

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To enjoy our artisan pandoro at its best, make sure to leave it a few hours at room temperature if kept in a cooler room.

The artisan who made it

Tradition and quality, these are the words that best sum up the history of Boella & Sorrisi, the result of a marriage between two of the oldest Piedmont chocolatiers. Boella goes back to 1885 whilst Sorrisi was established in the late 1950s.

The philosophy of Boella & Sorrisi is simple, the use of the best raw materials, from the best cocoa to the IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, tested recipes, artisan production method and slow production times, good chocolate doesn’t happen overnight.

Boella & Sorrisi is chocolate in all its forms and shapes, from giandujotti, the typical Turin chocolate, to the chocolate spread. Their chocolate are of the highest quality and gluten free and their care and attention has been recognised by the Turin Chamber of Commerce that has granted them of the title of “Masters of taste” in more than one occasion.

Boella & Sorrisi is also innovation combined with tradition, with their ruby chocolate range, chocolate born from Ruby cocoa beans which contain components capable of naturally determining their color and taste.

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