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Raw Wildflower Honey, Biobacche (250gr)

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Vegan Organic

Why we love it

Our wildflower organic raw honey is harvested in Tuscany and has a sweet and persistent taste, it is excellent to spread over a slice of bread or toast or to sweeten herbal teas and fruit salads.

Not all honey is created equal, sometime not all “honey” is even real honey, a number of ingredients are often added to what we buy as “honey”. Raw honey, on the other side, comes straight from the honeycomb, and is honey in its purest form. It is unfiltered, unheated and unpasteurized, processes that can destroy the natural vitamins (high in vitamin C and B vitamins), minerals and enzymes found in honey and to get the maximum benefits from honey, it's important to purchase raw organic honey, because regular honey has been filtered and processed, losing some of its nutritional properties along the way.

The health benefits of raw honey are endless, check our honey guide to learn about them.

The artisan who made it

Biobacche organic raw honey is the dream of two friends, that tired of their busy lives in the city, decided to retreat in the Tuscan countryside and start producing honey in wild, untouched and unpolluted areas, where the hives are left to enjoy a pure environment.

Biobacche’s philosophy is the minimum intervention on the final product to produce a honey as nature intended to, with their honeys raw and organic.

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