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Gluten Free Teff Maccheroni, Pasta del Maestro (250gr)

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A gluten free pasta made with teff, an ancient grain from Ethiopia and Eritrea, slow dried, using traditional bronze dies, this artisan gluten free pasta, is not only suitable for gluten intolerant but it is a proper and real pasta for all pasta lovers and has all characteristics of an authentic Italian pasta.

The secret of a good pasta is, together with bronze dies and a very good flour, slow drying at a very low temperature. This last phase allows the pasta maker to obtain a coarse pasta that retains perfectly the sauce. Industrial pasta drying process lasts a couple of hours at a very high temperature, our artisan pasta is dried for 24 hours at 27 degrees.

A healthy, full of vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals, ideal for vegan, gluten free pasta.

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