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Chilly Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Frantoio Converso (250ml)

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Why we love it

Made following the traditional process, this infused extra virgin olive oil, is obtained by infusing chilly peppers, a regional specialty, in extra virgin olive oil from Calabria, grown in olive groves in hills facing the Ionian Sea, manually harvested.

This infused chilly extra virgin olive oil can be added to any dish, for those who love chilly and spicy flavours.

The artisan who made it

Frantoio Converso is located in Rossano, Calabria, an enchanting town located between the Ionian Sea and the hills, an area where olive growing goes back to centuries and it is in this context that the Converso family has been growing olives since 1800.

The oil of the Frantoio Converso, produced in a very modern mill, is obtained pressing organically grown olives grown in their olive groves and it is the result of two centuries of olive growing tradition.

The Converso family is involved in all stages, from harvesting to packaging and the new generation has now taken over.

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