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Almond Nougat (150gr)

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Why we love it

Torrone is the classic Italian nougat, once only eaten during the Christmas festivities, now all year round and Sicilian nougats, thanks to their famous Pistachio and Almonds, are amongst the best in Italy and they’ve now grown beyond Italy.

This artisan Sicilian torrone is different from the classic torrone and it is a local Sicilian speciality called “torrone di Santa Barbara” made with only two ingredients, almonds and sugar, and first made to celebrate Saint Barbara, celebration that takes place every year in November in Sicily. A delicious torrone to be enjoyed at the end of the meal or to accompany a glass of Sicilian passito.

The artisan who made it

Two young brothers, Piero, the creative and dreamer, and Salvo, the business man with a passion for the impossible, together, decided to do the things they like the most, biscuits and cakes from their motherland, Sicily.

Sourdough yeast, free range organic eggs, Italian flour and passion, these are the ingredients behind their artisan products

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