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Ultimate Italian Wine Tasting Experience, Harrogate



27 November 2022 at 16:00


Al Bivio in Hornbeam Park, Harrogate

Event Details

"I have been to over 100 wine tastings all over the world and I would have to say this will stay in my top 10."
Charles W Denney II

At we love wine tastings and organize plenty, from corporate to special occasions to the ones organized with our restaurant friends and each wine tasting has a theme, a region or a style or a color.

With Christmas approaching we have decided to put together the ultimate Italian wine tasting, not only great award winning Italian wines but also special vintages, great vintages, vintages where everything went perfectly well.

The tasting include the following wines:

Amarone Classico Gamba 2007
Taurasi La Molara 2005
Syrah (Cortona Tuscany) Dal Cero, 2007
Anchisa Bianco, Pigato, 2008
Tilo Rosso, Rossese, 2009
Nero d’Avola Pantelleria, Abraxas, 2008

This is the ultimate Italian wine tasting experience. 6 great wines, only 30 people, each wine paired by a small plate.

Our ultimate Italian wine tasting experience is also the perfect gift, whether Christmas or a birthday, for any wine lover in Harrogate and beyond. The tasting will be taking place at Al Bivio in Hornbeam Park, Harrogate

These are some of our testimonials:

"Andrea, your knowledge is inspirational! Thank you for a wonderful night - again"
A Simmons. For more testimonials click here .

About the organizer of the event was founded in 2003 in response to a lack of quality Italian wine and food. As soon as Andrea (the founder) landed in the UK noticed that Italian products available were not the ones he was used to when grwoing up in Italy.

From wine to food, Andrea could not find the quality he was used to and coming from a wine making family, he decided to embark in a journey to source quality Italian wine and food from small Italian, artisan producers:’s mission is to discover and import Italian gems from small, little known, yet dedicated, Italian wineries and artisans.

All our products are authentic and of the highest quality and made using the best, natural ingredients and respecting the environment; none of our product contains palm oil or preservatives, we believe in a healthy living and eating and drinking well is essential for a long and healthy life. We do not import industrially made products or so called "Italian sounding" food.

Since starting in 2003, has been the recipient of several awards.

Event Testimonials

  • Thank you for a great evening! :-) we will try + visit again from Scotland

  • Excellent night - thank you very much for a lovely nigh. Very knowledgeable - learnt a lot about wine

  • Very informative and enjoyable, excellent choice of wines, really complimented the meal

  • Very interesting and excellent presentation, Andrea is an obvious expert whose knowledge is impressive

  • Very informative and excellent introduction to Italian wines

  • Very very interesting and hugely enjoyable. A great selection of wines

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