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The Italian Abroad Wine Blog,

The Italian abroad wine blog is Andrea's wine blog and diary. Andrea is the founder of and has been living abroad for almost 20 years and this blog is a collection of thoughts mainly about Italian wine and the wine industry. Andrea comes from an Italian wine making family and got acquainted with wine at a very early age, but he does not just love wine, he is also very passionate about food and travelling and often his posts includes a bit of everything.

Hoping to help the understanding of Italian wines, we have designed a series of wine maps, currently it includes DOC and DOCG wine, where you can discover the provenance of your favourite Italian wines.

And if you want to learn more about Italian wines and wine in general, watch Andrea on our Youtube channel tasting our wines and answering questions about Italian wines and grapes, from the Italian wine classification to what is an orange wine.

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Are we nearing the end of the Prosecco era?

February 13, 2016    Tags: Prosecco, Champagne, Cava, Sparkling Wines View Comments (0)

Are we nearing the end of the Prosecco era? If Prosecco producers and Consortium do not stop worrying only about sales, yes, I think so, especially if they keeps pushing prices and quality down

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Naked Wine's Pinot Grigio - part 2

April 6, 2010    Tags: Pinot Grigio, , Naked Wines View Comments (0)

As you may have noticed, I had to change the title of my previous post about Naked Wines' Pinot Grigio because I got a call from someone at their office Naked Wines complaining about my post about their Pinot Grigio saying that they were not happy about it and it was a mistake on their side.

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Pinot Grigio from Naked Wines, is it a mistake?

April 2, 2010    Tags: Pinot Grigio, Italian Wines, Naked Wines, Italian Pinot Grigio, Independent Producer View Comments (0)

A few days ago I was surfing the internet and ended up on the Naked Wines website on the Pinot Grigio page and was astonished to read what the say about it; I could only find two explanations, either they have no idea about wines, at least Italian wines, or they are deceiving customers, could not find any other. Here explained why.

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Sainsburys, plenty of Pinot Grigio to choose from but all coming from the same bottlers..

March 29, 2010    Tags: Pinot Grigio, Italian Wine, Sainsburys View Comments (0)

A couple of days ago I went to my local Sainsbury for some shopping and noticed the massive number of Pinot Grigio on offers, I recall at least 8 different ones.

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Gallo's Red Bicyclette wine scandal

March 6, 2010    Tags: Wine Scandal, Gallo's Red Bicyclette, Cheap Wine View Comments (0)

Another scandal in the wine industry, another fraud discovered. Recently the French authorities have discovered that French wine sold to Ernest & Julio Gallo for its Red Bicyclette brand as Pinot Noir was in reality, cut with much less costly Syrah and Merlot. This is not the first case and I am confident will not be the last, however, only rarely they are discovered and this is a big issue.

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New wines just arrived...

February 27, 2010 View Comments (0)

This is an exciting time for us, we have recently added plenty of new wines, including the Franciacorta, the Italian alternative to the Champagne, made using the classic method with the second fermentation in the bottle. I think, and I am not the only one, that Franciacorta offers better value for money than a Champagne not only because of the additional control and extra requirements prescribed by the DOCG appellation.

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Wine critics, once again..

February 8, 2010 View Comments (0)

If you follow me, you know that I have already written about wine critics, however, a couple of days ago, in the Guardian, I read the article Is wine criticism just bunk? and I thought to add something on the subject... The article is based on the comments made by wine expert Tim Hanni that consumers should ignore wines critics and just drink what they like.

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Each wine has its own price

January 23, 2010 View Comments (0)

Both wines, Barbaresco and Ripasso should be a lot more costly than their young brothers, simply because they should be made using better grapes, following a more complex wine making process and for the Barbaresco, aged in barrels as well.

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Supermarkets and wine, once again

January 11, 2010 View Comments (0)

A couple of days ago, I was doing some shopping at M&S and noticed, in a prominent position, a bottle of wine labelled as Chardonnay Rose'. Because Chardonnay is a white grape and a rose' wine cannot be made with just Chardonnay, curious, I read the back label and found out that it is a Chardonnay with added Merlot.

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Tesco Pinot Grigio Lenoti from £7.99 to £3.99

November 21, 2009 View Comments (0)

I had never seen this wine before so I am not too sure where they had it for that price, but even if Tesco has had the wine at £7.99 for 28 days as prescribed by law to then reduce the price, it was ripping its customers before and now because the wine is not even worth £3.99.

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Displaying Post 51 - 60 of 129 in total