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November 15, 2007 Tags: 0 comments
We would like to be able to transmit our passion and more than that, the passion of the producers themselves. Unfortunately this is very difficult, therefore, I apologies if it is taking a bit longer to put all our produce range online and write their descriptions. Together with the website and our produce range, we have just selected a few more producers and soon I will tell you a bit more about them, our company grows. It is not too difficult to find people with skills and at the same time that love wine and food. Yes, to be part of our team you need to share our same values and part of the recruitment process is about tasting wine and food. In the last few months, has gone from strength to strength and we added two more people to our team, Thao and Raffaele, and we are now looking for bigger premises. Hopefully soon, as soon as we make some space, I will take a photograph of all of us and you will be able to see our faces as well we are a great bunch of dreamers with a big passion for wine and food. Lastly, something about our produces. One of our wines, Cannonau Vigna di Isalle, has been given the Italian Oscar (only 3 red wines and 3 white wines) from the Gambero Rosso for its value for money, this made us proud. We don't make the wine but we discover it and I think our taste is not bad..
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