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Corporate Christmas Hampers and Virtual Wine Tasting

September 14, 2020 Tags: Corporate Hampers, Corporate Wine Tasting Events 0 comments
This year Christmas will not be the same, whether we like it or not, we won’t be able to have large gatherings with family and friends. Christmas hampers have always been a popular Christmas choice, and this year they will be even more popular, not only as a present but also a popular choice for companies that will not be able to have their Christmas party.

In a time where meeting people has become “risky” and we are being told to stay in our bubble, corporate hampers and virtual wine tasting, another popular Christmas choice, are seen as the only option.
Corporate Christmas hampers are the ideal solution for any company, from small to companies with hundreds of employees. Corporate virtual wine tastings on the other side, are the perfect Christmas sendoff for smaller companies, to celebrate the holiday season without getting out of the bubble, keeping all employees safe.

Our Christmas hampers come in a hand wrapped basket, with a handwritten personalised card and are a very appreciated gift full of the highest quality Italian products, artisan food and award winning wines and can be made to fit any budget or content preference, to produce a memorable Christmas present that will last the whole holiday.

Check our range of Christmas hampers.

Our virtual wine tasting events on the other side, are more suited for smaller groups or companies, we require a minimum of 5 households, we have different options including cheeses and cold meat platters. For corporate virtual wine events, we offer bespoke packages and recipients don’t have to be based in the UK, we can ship our wines all over the world. We will be offering virtual wine tastings even after the pandemic is gone, together with in person wine tastings, they can be organized all year, not only at Christmas, whether as a team exercise or to entertain clients.

For more information on bespoke corporate Christmas hampers or virtual wine tastings, email us at [email protected] or fill the form.

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