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About Italyabroad.com

Italyabroad.com goes a long way back, well beyond 2003 when it actually began, and is the result of me, Andrea, growing up in a family where the women in the house, mum and grandma, would cook a fresh meal everyday and the men, dad and granddad, would look after the fields and vineyards and provide, together with mum and grandma, the whole family with wine and olive oil plus fresh vegetables. This is where it all started and I became passionate about food and wine and after a short spell in the corporate world, I decided to follow my dream and passion and go back to my roots, importing authentic Italian wine and food, the same wine and food that I was used to eat and drink when at home, food and wine made by small, independent, family run producers, nothing to do with the ones made by multinationals and corporation.

Italyabroad.com was, and still is, an importer of Italian wine and food made by small producers, no mass produced food and wine, no “cheap” stuff, only authentic, healthy Italian wine and food, if Italian diet is one of the best in the world is because of what Italians eat and drink. I believe that small producers make some of the best food and wine, offer the best value for money and by buying from small producers, we are respecting and helping the environment and supporting whole families, real people, like us.

Italyabroad.com started with a portfolio of 2 wineries, 8 wines in total, from Abruzzo, the region where I was born, no money and a lot of faith and belief and recklessness. Italyabroad.com is also a wholesaler, selling wine to restaurants and hotels across the UK, and with a couple of bottles as samples and a pair of brand new shoes, the journey started. The beginning wasn’t easy, very few people believed in good wine and food and small producers, wine and especially Italian wine isn’t a straight forward subject. Italy makes a lot of wine, including a lot of poor quality wine and trying to explain the difference between a good and a bad wine wasn’t easy, the most common response was “people don’t care about the wine the drink” and “you won’t last, you are a dreamer”, I am pleased I proved them wrong. Supermarket shelves are full of cheap wine with Italian names made expressly for them, the food is even more difficult, unfortunately we spend more on our dog or cat food than our own.

During our 15 years and counting, life has not been easy, we have seen a deep recession and a few more downs, but we stuck to our beliefs and principles and never compromised, not only we believe eating and drinking is a pleasure but also in importing only the best quality, after all what we eat and drink affects our everyday life, from our mood to our health. During this time, to our initial 2 wineries from Abruzzo, plenty more have been added, and the very few times we have entered competitions we always won, the last time we did, in 2012, we entered the Sommeliers Wine Awards and not only we come home with 4 gold medals out of only 6 wines entered, the other 2 won silver, but were also awarded Best Newcomer Wine Merchant of the year, not because we were new, but simply because we had never entered the competition before and were not based in London, but entering competitions is very expensive and neither us or our suppliers think it is worthwhile, big supermarkets and corporations enter them.

We also don’t believe and therefore buy wines simply because they are organic or have any other certification or because they were rated high by one of the too many wine experts, we buy wines because we think they are good. For every wine we add in our portfolio we have probably tasted over 100. We believe that a good wine is a good wine independently of the certification, there are plenty of poor organically certified wines, as well as poor non certified wines. The same is true for our food, it is all made by small producers using only natural ingredients, without any codes or numbers in their ingredient lists, just the best natural ingredients available

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