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Pinot Grigio Blush, Dal Cero
Region: Veneto
Grape: Pinot Grigio
Producer: Dal Cero
Vintage: 2013
Volume: 12.5%
Vegan: NO
Organic: NO
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The pinot grigio Blush or rose’, is the only rose’ wine made from a mainly white grape and this one is made according the tradition in vogue in the, once, Republic of Venice, where the juice stays in contact with the skins for about 12 hours from which it takes its particular coppery color. The result is an easy to drink, and yet, fantastic, rose’ wine with a surprising and enchanting fruity bouquet with peach, apricot and strawberries above all. In the mouth, it is elegant, clean, refreshing, and fruity with a clear melon flavor and a never ending aftertaste.


The Dal Cero vineyards are located in the heart of the Soave area, only a few kilometres away from the town of Soave.
The Dal Cero family has been producing wine for more than three generations, carrying out every single step of the process and this involvement, guarantee wines with a soul. The Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave (species of vines used to produce the Soave wine), the Chardonnay and the Pinot Grigio are cultivated here.
The production of this company comprises Soave DOC and IGT Veneto wines.

Their vineyards, located along the hills of the Monti Lessini, benefit from the protection offered by the mountains. All the vineyards are well exposed to the sun and located on hilly terrain. The land is of clayey and of volcanic origin (tuff) and is rich of micro-elements that characterize the different types of vines.
The vinification process is carried out in the recently renovated cellar, equipped with all the machinery needed to produce quality wines.

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